Thursday 31 January 2013

Spring ‘13 Release Rituals


The much awaited Spring ‘13 webinar was yesterday 30-JAN-2013. It was exciting and thanks to Pat Paterson(@metadaddy) and Samantha (@samantha_ready) for the amazing webinar presentation which covered the thrilling topics of spring 13 like
          • Tooling API, 
          • Connect in Apex,
          •  Canvas 
          •  Connected apps.
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If you missed the Webinar  here’s the slides and Video,

The Slides

Ok now to the exciting part !

This is a online trivia played after the release webinar, you can follow or join in using #forcetrivia on twitter and . Here are the questions and answers for the Spring ‘13 Trivia.

Q: By what name were ‘Connected Apps’ previously known?
A: Remote Access apps

Q: What is the authorization protocol used by Connected Apps?
A: OAuth 2.0

Q: What 4 kinds of code artifact can the Tooling API manage?
A: Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Visualforce Pages, Visualforce Components

Q: Which other API allows you to deploy code?
A: The Metadata API

Q: Which new tab was added to the Developer Console?
A: ‘Progress’

Q: Connect in Apex also known as the ___(a)___ API is the native representation of the ___(b)___ API.
A: a. Connect b. Chatter

Q: What VF component attribute allows you to send controller data into your Canvas app?
A: Parameters

Q: What standard field that was formally read only is now writable on update?

Q: What are two new object triggers you  can create for chatter in Spring 13?
A: CollaborationGroup and CollaborationGroupMember

Q: What does Canvas use to prevent XHR problems posting back to Salesforce?
A: JavaScript SDK

You could also visit my earlier blog post to read about spring ‘13 detailed features

Source : Spring ‘13 Trivia Winners !