Tuesday 23 April 2013

Escalate Question to Case


AnswersThis is a very useful need at times requested by clients.  “Escalate Question to Case” / “Create Case from a question” / “Convert Question to case” in either customer portal , Partner portal, or any self serve portal.

In the answers portal, when we are required to Escalate the question to a case so that the executives can handle it. Salesforce provides this functionality internally but its a little tricky to turn it on and in this post I want to address this.

Pretense to the requirement
  • Enable Answers
    • Setup –> Customize –> Answers –> Settings –> “Enable Answers” and then Select a community
    • Note: if you have multiple communities enabled, then in Answers –> settings ensure you select the default community to be used
  • Setup Customer Portal to Include Answers
    • Enable Customer portal : Setup –> customize –> Customer portal—> Settings –> (your portal) –> Customize Portal Tabs –> select “Answers” to the available tabs list
Now you will have access to the answers in the portal. you can can create, edit and delete your posts in the portal.
  • Profile Changes
    • For all the user profiles who access the customer portal be it “High Volume Customer Portal “, “ Customer Portal Standard”, “ Customer Portal manager” etc.. we need to provide access to the following
      • Case : Read, Create, Edit
      • Answers : Read, Create, Edit
      • NOTE : In the Case’s field level Permission : Provide Read / Edit access to “Question” Field
  • Finally
    • There’s one last change you need to make, Add the “Question” field on the Case layout.
And there you go ! now log into the portal as the user who has the profile we made changes to  and you can find the Escalate to case button on the question entry.
Escalate Case
Note : you may want to provide this permission to only the people required to have it. It is efficient to use permission sets
Source : Full blown implementation for Answers in Portal