Wednesday 24 April 2013

How to activate Summer ’13 Preview on sandbox

Summer 13The Summer ‘13 release is quickly approaching and soon you'll be able to take advantage of exciting new features and functionality! If you are a Sandbox customer, you have the opportunity to get early access to Summer ‘13 in your Sandbox and test new customization and features (the chance to get your feet wet) before your production organization is upgraded.

What will Happen?
Salesforce provides you an option to “test” out the new features in one of your sandboxes, make sure you existing logic plays nice or if you want to upgrade them with the new features.

What are the new features of summer ‘13?
The new features of summer 13 include browser enhancements, new UI to setup, changes, Tooling API, Enhanced SOQL / SOSL limits, Chatter Communities, Enhancement to Chatter, etc..
You can keep track of the new features by visiting the Summer ‘13 release notes here, they’re updated often.

How will I opt-in / Opt-out my sandbox from Summer ‘13 Preview?
Steps Involved
  • You need to Determine your sandbox instance by using the location column below.
Login to your Production ORG Goto Setup –> Data Management –> Sandbox
Salesforce Sandbox List
  • Determine which sandboxes you need to have preview
  • Refer to below chart to understand “How to Opt-in /out”
  • If sandbox is full copy be mindful of the 29 day refresh policy
  • All the Summer ‘13 Features will be rolled out on May 10th 2013 to the Opt-in Sandboxes

If your Sandbox needs to have Summer ‘13 Preview If your Sandbox Does NOT need to have Summer ‘13 Preview
CS3, CS4,CS5,CS7,CS9,CS11,CS12,CS13,CS14,CS15,CS17 will be be automatically in preview mode if you DON’T refresh AFTER May 3rd 2013 11:59 PM PST CS3, CS4,CS5,CS7,CS9,CS11,CS12,CS13,CS14,CS15,CS17 refresh AFTER May 3rd 2013 11:59 PM PST
CS1,CS2,CS6,CS8,CS10,CS16 Refresh Before May 3rd 2013 11:59 PM PST CS1,CS2,CS6,CS8,CS10,CS16 will be be automatically in NON-preview mode if you DON’T refresh BEFORE May 3rd 2013 11:59 PM PST
If you have a Large Sandbox ensure your refresh begins before 3rd May and completes before 10th May 2013 Refresh your sandbox after 4th May and Before 10th may
NOTE : All sandboxes will be forcefully upgraded to Summer ‘13 after 15th June 2013

PROS & CONS of Sandbox Summer’13 Preview

  1. You will get preview access to latest features & enhancements from Summer ‘13 release
  2. You’ll be able to determine which features to Turn off / On when your production turns Summer ‘13
  3. Identify if all your business cases run smoothly on Summer ‘13
  4. Able to maximize the “new features” once they’re released
  5. Modify VF / Apex Classes to take advantage of the new Platform Releases
  6. Plan internal / external product releases
  1. Once your Sandbox is in PREVIEW mode, you will not be able to deploy anything from this sandbox to a Spring ‘13 sandbox or Production until June 15th 2013
  2. AppExchange Packages can be installed to Only Summer ‘13 Preview Sandboxes until June 15th
Reason :  When Summer ‘13 Preview Gets Activated on your sandbox the metadata changes and you’ll also notice your Apex Version now is 28.0 for all new apex you write and all your other sandboxes and production that do NOT have Summer ‘13 will still have Version 27.0
And you cannot Deploy / Install anything that has metadata of version 28.0 to Version 27.0
Here’s an Infograph depicting that

Sandbox Deploy

If you have additional questions about your Sandbox options in conjunction with the Summer ‘13 release, please contact Customer Support or reach out to me . Please leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below

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