Monday 28 October 2013

Freeze Users In Salesforce

What is Freezing User mean ?

We all know what deactivating a user in salesforce means : They will not be deleted from the system but will no longer be able to log in to Salesforce and their records can be transferred to another user.They cannot be part of workflows or part of any automated processes. Click here to read more on Deactivating users. Freezing a User is when you have to do some extra work to get the user deactivated.

e.g. If your ORG is one among the larger ones which uses a lot of automated process or has custom hierarchy fields then you may already know deactivating a user selected in a custom hierarchy field is not a one step process. So you can freeze the user account to ensure you've enough time clean up, transfer the records and then finally deactivate the user.

How to Freeze the User ?

  1. From Setup, click Manage Users | Users
  2. Click the name of the user whose account you want to freeze. 
  3. Click Freeze.

NOTE : Freezing user accounts doesn’t make their user licenses available for use in your organization. You must deactivate user accounts to make their user licenses available.

Some use-cases when you'll need to Freeze User In Salesforce

  • If the user is tied to Assignment rules
  • Approval Process Dependency
  • If the user is a default owner of leads / Cases
  • If the user is Suspended and will come back to the organization
  • If the user is part of custom hierarchy fields etc.

Some things to know :

  • You need to have the "Manage User" Permissions to have this feature
  • It's available from the Winter '14 release 
  • Cannot be included in a permission set 
  • Not available for Delegated admins (Vote Idea)
  • You cannot Run a Report on this (Vote Idea)
  • You can query on the user login object to know if user is frozen (Thanks +Rhonda Ross )
Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments ! Happy Coding !