Tuesday 1 January 2013

What is Do.com


Continuing the Salesforce.com series from my previous blog post, I would like to give a small intro into the latest online salesforce App, “Do.com”. So what is DO.com? Well to start off DO.com is an evolving collaboration tool. It is written in HTML5 and Ruby on Rails via Salesforce.com’s Heroku platform. DO.com helps your team manage projects/ tasks.
But wait; is it just another project management tool for professionals that cost a lot of money? No, the application is fully free (for now!) and can be customized to fit the needs of any business. Do.com offers an open API for developers, and has received input from some of Salesforce’s brightest team members.
According to Salesforce Senior VP Sean Whiteley (as said to VentureBeat) – “Do.com is currently free, but it will add premium paid features next year. Elements like changing the way it looks, adding new fields and deeper administration tools are being explored as potential premium features.”
So let’s explore what DO.com does!
What can I do with Do.com?
·         Manage single / multiple projects and associated tasks
·         Manage people or groups of people to which these tasks are assigned to and also keep track of the who scenario
·         Have full mobility for your team, though Do.com is accessible as a Web app through all browsers; it’s also available as an Google Android app, iOS mobile app for iPhone and iPad .
·         Have your favorite calendar tool be it outlook, iCal or Google calendar in sync with DO Calendar.
·         Integrate Do.com direct with your Google Apps account and Also your Salesforce.com ORG
·         Do.com includes Gmail gadget that makes it easy to assign tasks through e-mail. For example, send a short e-mail to task@do.com and it will automatically detect your address and add an entry
What are possible real world applications?
Well it depends on how you choose to use this, but this can be used for:
·         Normal project planning scenario
·         Task management for a marketing campaign or a sales campaign
·         As the video shows, managing school elections
·          Managing accounting chores, for a recurring reminder etc…
There is a lot of potential in this, and will be more productive as time passes by. One of the best features that I personally like is the integration with salesforce.com Accounts, Leads and Contacts. But more on that later!
In my next blog, I will walk you through the DO.com features using a sample project. Come back soon!
For more info: http://help.do.com
Twitter: @DoWorkTogether, Sources: http://bit.ly/Qb88dv