Saturday 11 May 2013


Action status is usually used to show the status of an Ajax Process to which it is related to. It can be as simple as showing text during the update to as fancy as greying out the page and showing a loading gif. your imagination (and HTML CSS skills) are the limits

1. Simple Text Based Status


You can show Action Status for any Ajax Update Component with the Attribute called “Status”. Some of the e.g. for the components are apex:actionPoller, apex:commandButton etc..
if you want to show a simple text while update use the following code
<apex:actionStatus startText=" (incrementing...)"
            stopText=" (done)" id="counterStatus"/>

and in your component you could say Status =”counterStatus” which is the Id of your actionStatus.

2. Fancy ActionStatus Div

In the following code we make use of
which override the standard display and give you more flexibility to add your own HTML CSS. once you use this status you could see a output similar to below image

Here's the code you need to use