Monday 7 April 2014

Salesforce Files Sync , The dropbox for Salesforce


Finally the wait is over…. Salesforce Files Sync is here… Its kinda like the Dropbox for salesforce and in Spring ’14 you can get it on pilot. Well lets go over some neat features
  • It syncs your files automatically to salesforce… just drop it and forget it
  • The files are available on all the devices
  • if you’ve shared the file on a chatter post, if the latest version is uploaded it automatically points to the latest version
  • Sits right in well with the files tab in salesforce
  • Decide which files to be synced
  • Control this feature via profiles and Permissions set (Users need to have the “Sync Files” permission)

How do I get it ?

Well as of spring ’14 You’ll need to contact salesforce support to enable this feature for you by raising a ticket.

Once its enabled for your ORG, make sure you give the “Sync Files” Permission to all those who need it. 

You can download the application from  : Your Name | My Settings | Desktop Add-Ons | Salesforce Files.


Maximum Files folder size : 5GB
Maximum file size : 500 MB

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